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Digitise & Automate

Digitise paper forms and automate workflows.

Integrate easily with existing applications.

Fast deployment, immediate returns.

You control future developments.
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Create Documents

Design and tailor smart electronic templates, replacing all and every existing form.

Use data from any application, data store or environment

Integrate with legacy systems, like IBM mainframes.

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e-signing & e-ID

Sign contracts outdoors, at home or work.

Many types of signing with various levels of security, up to the gold standard QES.

Works with all your existing forms.

video-onboarding and identity verification

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Information Governance

Better governance leads to organisation-wide productivity and reduced risk

Can you fully answer all these questions: –

  • Where does our sensitive or critical content reside?
  • Who can get to it?
  • Is there access or permission issues?
  • Is content duplicated in multiple locations?
  • Just how vulnerable are we?

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Customer On-Boarding

A typical user journey

Long Track Onboarding

In all regulated markets and for high-value transactions, customer onboarding is an important and necessary first step in the relationship.

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Improving Medical Care and Compliance

Clinical trials, patient care, referrals, test requests, and test and trace can all benefit from digital automation in health and pharmaceutical processes
– but do you know by how much?

One of our clients uses such technologies within an enterprise portal solution to manage entire clinical development portfolios. In just eight months, they saw compliance increase from 73% to 94% across 350 studies involving three CROs and over 10,000 staff.

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