Customer On-Boarding

A Typical Use Case

In all regulated markets and for high value transactions, customer onboarding is an important and necessary first step in the relationship.

Key Tasks

  • Customer fact-find
  • KYC and AML checks involving positively identifying the Customer’s identity
  • The creation of documentation relating the products and services provided
  • The signing and possible witnessing of the documentation compliant with eIDAS

It usually requires multiple interactions involving paperwork, meetings, telephone calls, identity validation, signatures, and archiving. Finally completed over a period of days or weeks.

The hidden cost of transactions

  • Frustrations on all sides
  • Many decision points with drop out opportunities
  • Wasted time and effort

The Opportunity

  • What is the current cost of onboarding a customer?
  • What is your drop out or conversion rate?
  • What is the lost opportunity cost?

Digital Transformation

  • Create smart documents populating all the relevant forms at the same time from the fact find
  • Share, discuss and amend these documents in a real-time virtual meeting
  • Validate the customer identity, using automated comparison of official documents
  • Sign the documents using an appropriate eSignature
  • Laminate, share and archive the documents for future reference.
  • A legally acceptable solution delivered within an hour from start to finish

The Benefits

  • Faster completion
  • Happier customers
  • Fewer dropouts
  • Greater transparency
  • Less fraud
  • Greater trust
  • Save 90% of the current onboarding transaction costs.