ROI Calculator

What’s my workflow’s ROI?

The Return On Investment Calculator will give you an indication of the financial benefits that could be realised from a digital transformation inside your business. 

Most use cases will show at least a 3X ROI and a fast payback

Interesting enough for a further discussion?

Let’s see. The best place to start could be with a particular use case, such as purchase invoice approval or customer onboarding. Our solutions can cover almost any business process, so pick something that you know is not running as smoothly as it could.

Just answer the following questions with your best estimates of the current costs and we will do the rest. The sliders have been pre-set to ‘reasonable estimates’ for a small workflow based on other organisations, so if you are not sure of some numbers (e.g. cost per document) you can leave them as is.

Savings %’s are pre-set to typical values and should be left, unless you wish to model non-typical scenarios. You can of course come back and change things later.

If the use case is larger, for over 1000 documents per month, please ask for one of our consultants to help you with customised analysis.

Interesting enough for a further discussion?